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Kristull Umber x Kristull Kali
April 5, 2003

Click on the small photos for a larger version

C Litter Brindle Girl 1 still just crawling

Here she is at 5 months. Gorgeous show quality puppy.

ISWS Ch. Kristull Corona
at 1 week

What a difference 9 weeks makes!


Now check out 5 months!
and as a Champion Veteran Bitch at 8 years of age in 2011

C Litter Brindle Girl 3
She lives in Dallas and there will be new photos soon, I'll bet.

C Litter Orange Brindle Boy
Kismet lives in California and we will get an update

Chosen Man
When he was born, he was quite silver, with bright blue eyes and grey pigment. As he has grown up, the eyes are now a dark brown and the pigment is still dark grey. The coat gets more tinges of tan mixed in with the grey.

Silver Boy at 1 week

Here he is at nine weeks.

And below is our boy at 5 months.


Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

729 Mercer Rd
Bowling Green KY 42101

** 270-777-0744 **


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