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Kristull Anniken x Kristull Ultra Suede
October 23, 2003

Red Puppies to Die For

Pink is the girl, DUH. Blue is the smallest boy. Red is probably next and black the biggest, but there is not as much difference as I originally thought there would be. They are four weeks old here. These pictures were taken with a flash, so the colors are a bit washed out. They are actually brilliantly colored and I expect that they will be intense red or red-orange.

Suede and the four I Litter babies

Everybody just waking up

Black puppy has a slightly darker mask

Of course, at this age, they all show a bit of a mask

The top one is blue puppy and the bottom one is red

And here is red with pink still asleep.

Chuck & Francie Stull

Kristull Ranch

729 Mercer Rd
Bowling Green KY 42101

** 270-777-0744 **


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